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Question: ALHAMDOLILLAH i have registered as a student but courses are not being registered. how to register a course?
Answer: Jazakallah khaira, for registering. Insha'Allah we shall put up the course details in a few days and then you can register for the batch (Tuesday Dec 11th) you are in
Question: How long does it take to understand all of Quran according to your method of TPI?
Answer: It takes approximately 300 hours spread over a year based on two to three weekly sessions. Detailed answer will be posted Insha'Allah soon.
Question: When will the residential flats be offered in Alfalah Manzil?I want one as I want to reside there and contribute in this wonderful Islamic community services setup.JazakALLAH
Answer: Salaam, Yes Insha'Allah, one of our projects include residential flats. They are still a work in progress. Insha'Allah hoping they are made by December 2013.
Question: I am interested in enrolling my 9 yr old and 4 yr old daughters for weekend programmes.there is no information on your website. kindly advise.what are the visiting hours for registration and information regarding programmes for children.Jazakallahkhair
Answer: Salaam, sorry for the delay in answering your query. The following information is about kids day! Dont miss out on Alfalah Kids Day! This saturday Febuary 23rd 2013 at the only Islamic Community center near you! 2:45pm to 530pm (Asr by Jamaat) For boy and girls Ages 6-11 years Activities include: Pillars of Islam, Arts and Crafts, Islamic Nasheeds, Arabic phrases, Snacks, games and much more Pre-registration is MUST! Limited seats! Only Rs.500 per child Contact: 0333-5292700 0333-5292626 0333-5293100
Question: you have told in the last class of sc1 that in order to take certificate the students have to register on the website but i her as i visit did not found how to register so kindly guide whats the procedure.JazakAllahkhair
Answer: Salaam, Yes you have to become a student and also register in your respective batch.
Question: Aslamo Alikum Plz tell us when will You send the Cectificate of SC1
Answer: Waslaam, Your certificates are ready, you may collect them from the center.
Question: when is the next tajweed course for females starting
Answer: Salaam Jazakallah khaira for contacting us. Inn Sha Allah, the next Tajweed course will start after Ramadan, Please keep checking our website and facebook for details You can also contact us at 051-2221904 Jazakallah khaira Alfalah Manzil
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