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Alfalah Manzil Trust is a trust, dedicated to the revival of the Islamic ‘Ummah. Islamic Community Centre (ICC) is an integral part of this trust, wherein like-minded families are encouraged to participate in educational, social and welfare activities for the benefit of the Islamic ‘ummah in specific and the public in general. We do not ascribe to any specific sect; Qur’an and authentic Sunnah are our guidelines, Tarbee’ah and Dawah are our hall marks and we are working for the encouragement of ‘amr bil ma’roof and nahy un al munkar.

An institution with the objective to empower Muslims to lead the nations of the world by living up to the following dua’ of Prophet Sulaiman, [at a time when he was on an expedition]:

“O my Rabb, inspire me to render thanks for Your favours, which You have bestowed on me and on my parents, to do such good deeds that will please You; and admit me, by Your mercy, among Your righteous servants.”

The ultimate objective is to awaken the Islamic ‘ummah from its deep slumber. What better way than starting to understand the message sent down to us for our guidance. For this purpose we have chosen the understanding of Qur’an to be the foundation over which to build the institution that has the ultimate goal of reaching out to each and every corner of this world, such that one day all humans strive to live by the code set by our Creator.

The center is a 24000+ square foot facility comprising classrooms, lecture halls, staff rooms for instructors [men and women], auditorium, cafeteria, residential flats, gymnasium, kids play area and a library. The Alfalah Clinic is being established with the objective of providing basic healthcare facilities to the residents of the surrounding area, focusing on the poor and the needy.

Alfalah Qur'an Academy

One of the primary objective of the Alfalah Qur’an academy is to train as many as possible to understand the Qur’an, so when we communicate with Allah in our salah and when we recite the Qur’an, we understand what we are listening to and what we are reciting. The power of Allah’s expression is such that it will move the hearts and activate our mental faculties to enter us into the desired mode, where one would be self-motivated to take this message further, just like the sahaaba, the tabieen and the saleheen of the past 1400+ years.

The center currently offers courses in Tajweed, Arabic and Qur’anic studies with the vision that every literate Muslim is able to read and understand Qur’an such that it raises him above the petty differences that mar the general Muslim population. We foresee that such an approach will forge a unity that would enable the Muslims to focus their efforts on becoming the decisive force in the times to come. The Quran course is such that you may understand the Arabic language through the unique technique of TPI[Total Physical Interaction], such that one can learn 70% of the Qur’anic words in less than 48 hours.

This community center Inshallah shall be a place where likeminded individuals come not only to learn about Islam but to enjoy and meet new people.

Finally we actively seek your participation in this noble cause. Kindly assist us with your valuable suggestions, your time and your duas.

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