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Please add a link so that can be set as homepage.
Fahim Hashmi 09/01/2013
Remarks: this is a good suggestion
We want to take this course on line
Muhammad Zaman 10/01/2013
Remarks: Salaam, We have not started this course online, but if you would like you can purchase the DVD's and books and study them yourself and if you have any questions, youc an always contact us.
I want to take quiz on line. Is it possible?
Arshad Malik 10/01/2013
Remarks: Salaam, Yes if you are a student who is coming regularly to class and cannot make it to the quiz, we can send you the quiz online.
plz start English course.
waqas 10/01/2013
Remarks: Salaam, We have conducted English courses before and Insha'Allah when we have enough students for the English class, we shall start them.
Assalamu Alykum. Kindly upload the Hajj & Umrah video as well.
Ishtiaq Ahmed Khan 13/01/2013
Remarks: Waslaam, Wanted to know which videos are you referring to?
Alhamdo Lillah, finally there is some activity on the portal. Can we see a sample video lesson for SC1, SC2 and SC3
Arshad Malik 14/01/2013
Remarks: Salaam, Yes you can view it it by clicking on short course 1 and can veiw sample video from there.
Attn. Mr. Arshad Iqbal, Assalam o Alaikum, My vote for issa preyers is that the preayers shall be performed aafter the lecture Regards. Shafqat Studen of SC-1
Shafqat Hussain 06/11/2013
Kindly remove these red stars so we can give suggestions easily. Also please remove the captcha
Adnan faisal 13/01/2015
Would it not be wiser to quiz students on those chapters for which the homeworks have been checked and returned? Currently students are being quized on 3 chapters and only 1 has homework checked, the other is submitted for checking and the third is yet to be attempted by students and then submitted for checking.
Bilal Khan 09/05/2015
Please upload the remaining assignments and quizzes for the running SC2
Shahzad Arshad 15/11/2015
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