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Salam ... A few suggestions: 1) The course package should be in a plastic bag (Gift Hamper) for easy handling/transportation. 2) The kids (<15 years) should be seated in left row (for better pairing) 3) The course (QC-1) should be spread over a period of six months and there should be quiz in every next class. 4) Class should not exceed 30 students. 5) Batch should start after one month duration like February Then March; and June then July so that new persons can be accommodated well. Thanks & Regards Jazak Allah Khair
Ahsan Raza Khan 10/02/2016
QC-1, lessons 12 and 13 have not yet been uploaded. Please do the same. Jazak Allah
Masood Akhter Chaudhry 27/02/2016
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